3 Ways To Use CBD Oil For Panic Attack

CBDCannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is a non-psychoactive concentrate from cannabis and hemp plants. There is some evidence that taking CBD oil can help with panic attacks and anxiety, although further exploration is expected to confirm this. If you’re considering taking CBD oil to help you reduce panic attacks, talk to your doctor first to see if it’s a safe option for you.

  1. Take CBD Oil By Vaping

Inhale the CBD oil by vaping for the fastest effects. This administration method may be the most ideal option if you are having an anxiety attack and need an urgent serving to help calm you down. When you inhale CBD oil vapor, it reaches your circulation system very quickly. You will need a vaporizing device, such as rechargeable e-cigarettes, to inhale or the CBD oil. You can buy rechargeable e-cigarettes at a vaping supply store or on the web. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the ideal serving size.

You may need consistent doses to keep the CBD oil in your body, for example taking a serving every 2 hours.

You can also save doses of CBD oil for when you expect an anxiety attack.

But keep in mind that vaping is still generally new and the potential dangers are still unclear. Regardless, there have been deaths linked to vaping-related diseases. 

  1. Try CBD Oil Gummies

Try edible CBD oil for a slower administration method. CBD edibles are available in a lot of forms from candy to gummies. The negative aspect to this choice of taking CBD oil is that it takes approximately one hour to take effect, so it’s probably not a good thing assuming you’re having a panic attack and need something to settle down right away. However, if you’re just hoping to keep CBD oil in your body, this can be a helpful method of doing so.

Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that you can find on the label of every product regarding the number of gummies to consume. 

  1. Administer CBD Oil With Tincture 

You can take CBD tinctures instead of taking CBD oil by vaping. You don’t need to worry about extraordinary equipment to monitor CBD oil like this and it only takes 15-30 minutes to enter your circulatory system.

Start with a low serving of CBD oil and increase as needed. Check out what the manufacturer suggests as a starting part and see if this helps put your mind at ease. If not, increase the serving until you find a level of CBD oil that works well for your panic attacks.

CBDAfter finding the right serving of CBD oil for you, continue to take a similar serving. You don’t have to increase the portion.

To conclude, Certain medications when taken with CBD oil can produce some side effects. Assuming you want to try taking CBD oil for anxiety attacks, choose the product that best suits your needs and consult with your doctor regularly.