cbd skin moisturizer

BonBonelleCBD+ is a great place to shop online for CBD beauty products. We are located in the heart of California, and we produce all of our CBD products ourselves. Our founders have instilled a very valuable work ethic in our team and we are proud to be part of this online beautifying process.

Our offices are located in Fresno and San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. We ship CBD moisturizers and other skin care all of the nation as well as all corners of the world. When you buy from us, you get local love and effort that went into producing our CBD products online.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email. We will ship out a small sample of our beauty products that made with CBD. You can find our beauty products at the CBD and Hemp Warehouse and get the beauty items for your skin, the CBD skin moisturizer, CBD tummy rub, and other CBD skin care products shipped directly to your house.

While shopping for our CBD products on our website, make sure to look at our CBD pain relief products as well. We use full spectrum CBD as well as broad spectrum CBD products to formulate our ingredients. A very nice start with quality CBD isolate is the way to go. Making sure the quality CBD gets to where it is supposed to is a top priority.

Get your CBD skin care taken care of in 1 place and dealing with professionals that have been in the cannabis industry for the last 15 years.