CBD facial cream vs. CBD body lotion

Want a subtle glow in this bustling-hustling life?

cbd facial mask

cbd facial mask

Bingo! You’re in the right place as we are guiding you through.

CBD face cream makes your skin shine with health and nourishment. It prevents and treats your skin to the fullest. These creams are the chemical and silicone-free formula that protects sensitive skin, improves skin texture, and masks imperfections. You do not need to try various products to harm your skin. Say hello to your dream cream.

CBD Facial Cream Is All You Love

Dull skin lacks life and radiance. The dead skin cells buildup on the skin’s surface also makes it look lifeless. BonbonelleCBD+ facial cream removes dead skin cells and develops new skin cells that make your skin glow.

CBD cream for facials makes you fall in love with your skin becoming your secret for naturally glowing skin. Naturally, glowing skin now exists for all!

Honest CBD creams are not a myth. Add a tiny amount of CBD facial cream to your daily routine, whether you’re an adult or a teen, and, see the difference yourself!

Are you tired Of Wearing Heavy Oily cream?

CBD lotions stops all your skin problems and is the favorite skincare destination. CBD lotions has a non-stick texture that absorbs into your skin and gives you a refreshing glow. Its formulation is so light weighted that you can apply it and leave for hours without having any oil imbalance on your skin.

However, you cant use CBD facial cream as a lotion for the whole body or vice-versa.

Let us acknowledge the difference between the two.

CBD lotions have a higher water content than creams; either it is CBD infused or not. A CBD body lotion is typically a mix of oil and water droplets. Being non-greasy and lighter in weight than cream, it glides over the body, moisturizing it.

A natural CBD facial is also a blend of water and oil but has a higher oil concentration making it thicker and more affluent. The thickness enables the cream to stay longer on the skin layer keeping it ultra-hydrated.

You cant use any CBD cream on your face, use CBD facial specially formulated for your facial skin for desirable results.  Your facial skin consists of the most sebaceous glands than any other part of your body. Along with oil-secreting glands, the thin skin makes facial skin a lot more sensitive than the rest of your body.

Your CBD facial cream will not only moisturize but will also treat dark spots, open pores issues, wrinkles, oiliness, acne and blemishes, and fine lines.

So, nothing can take away the beauty from you…Stop nagging!!!!

Want a Non-Makeup Glow?

In a hurry?

Are you getting late for a party?

Date in a while?

No time for makeup?

CBD facial cream will create your go-to makeup look instantly. Its high-definition formulation gives you a makeup finish, and you are party-ready in just 5 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Just grab your CBD facial cream and make your skin shine and your heart smile.