How to use Hemp Beauty Products


Hemp beauty productsHemp oil is an ideal ingredient in body and skin care products because of its high and balanced essential fatty acid content like omegas 3 & 6, when applied to salves and creams, essential fatty acids soothe and restore skin. Here we have explained some trending Hemp beauty products with the usage guide

1) Hemp Facial Serum: One of the best products that you can add to the list of Hemp beauty products is hemp facial serum. This serum is one solution to all your skin problems with endless benefits. It provides skin protection, makes skin soft, smooth and radiant. From wrinkles to acne and dark spots it can solve all the skin problems. 

How to use Hemp Facial Serum? This serum comes with multiple uses like cleansing, moisturizing, and treatment of skin.

For skin treatment, you need to use this serum twice a day. The best time to use is morning and evening. The product will help to treat the normal skin not very damaged but if you have more wrinkles then normal, use it three times a day for best results. 

For skin cleansing take few drops of serum and apply on face, massage for few minutes to let it clean skin from dirt and impurities. It can be used any time in a day Hemp beauty products

For skin Moisturizing you have 2 choices, use it before the makeup or before going to bed. For makeup apply it before the base for a perfect look and healthy hydration of skin. For night time use, clean your face with normal water, apply few drops of serum, and let it be overnight. 

2) Calming Skin Hydrating Mask: The mask comes with a wonderful relaxing smell that acts as a therapeutic agent for your body. Its hydrating property make it best for dry and damaged skin.

How to use Calming Skin Hydrating Mask? Wash your face with the normal water and dry it. Take some hydrating mask, apply a thick layer to the face. Let it be on the face for 10-15 minutes and then wash with normal water. 

3) Hemp Skin Glow Oil:  Hemp glow oil is gaining a lot of popularity among Hemp beauty products. It acts as a food for your skin, hydrates the skin, and provides all the essential nutrients. The product is made up of non-psychoactive oil with no included THC helps to fight against various environmental stress like UV rays and pollution. 

How to Use Hemp glow oil? Basically, glow oil acts as a tonner to your skin so you can use it with or without makeup. Wash and clean your skin, take about 5,6 drops of oil and apply it to your face. Gently massage for few minutes so that oil gets completely absorbed in the skin. This oil can be used in the morning or evening. If you use glow oil before makeup it will help you to get an extra glow. Just use few drops before applying makeup.